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Yearly committee info market

22 February 2024

Master game night

27 February 2024

Join the master game night!

Lustrum Symposium 2024: Empowering Innovation

13 March 2024

Money for Marvelous Moustaches

KWFTrrrrriinngg… Triiiiiingggg… Do you hear that? There goes the snoorbell.  

“I ...

by SnorCie, 29 November 2023

Advancements of Advertising

by PromoCie, 11 December 2023

Hop from the Past to the Future

As an Innovation Science student, you are of course always on the lookout for the newest innovations. Most of our students aim to make the world a better place with their studies and have ambiti...

by Esther Mendel, 9 January 2024

The next Intermania Theme?!

Welcome back everyone! Hopefully everybody had an easy exam week, and got to enjoy the spoils of their effort in the form of some nice days off. I’m here to reveal the new theme to you, except t...

by Maarten van Sluijs, 7 February 2024

Intermate App Online

Dear Members,

It has taken a while but the Intermate App is finally available in the Playstore and Appstore!! With the app, you can easily upgrade your Lassie account, read the newest Intermania articles, subscribe for activities, and download pictures of all our activities?. Besides that, you can choose to accept notifications to stay up to date on the upcoming activities and receive impo...

by Esther Mendel, 18 March 2022

Stichting Move Eindhoven is looking for enthusiastic volunteers!

basisschool project kind student samen actie buurt wijk

Do you want:To support the talent development of children between the ages 10 and 12 years old?Deploy your social role as a role model for those who have fewer opportunities than their peers?Want to boost your resume by giving in to this experience?Do two ...
by Esther Mendel, 1 February 2022

Drink Schedule Q4! 2021

Hi member! Due to the corona measures in place, our lovely thursday drink unfortunately does not always fall on a thursday, and it located on different outside fields!

Therefore, we have provided you with a time schedule - so that you can already block all borrel timeslots in your busy,busy,busy agenda, and always be available for the drinks!

30 April 2021

DURA VERMEER traineeship

Dura Vermeer biedt twee mooie traineeships aan:



Meld je aan voor 2 mei, het Traineeship start op 1 september!

29 April 2021

Career Day 2021

Attending Career Day is mandatory for all first year P&T and SI students!

29th of March, 9:30 ~ 15:30

Do you want to know what you can do with your bachelor P&T or SI? Or are you interested in your future career opportunities? Subscribe!

During this day, several companies and alumni will visit us and talk about the choice...

15 March 2021

Op zoek naar een flexibele bijbaan? Of bijles of scriptiebegeleiding nodig? Ontvang korting!

Op zoek naar een flexibele bijbaan? Geef bijles! Registreer je via deze link als lesgever en Intermate zorgt ervoor dat je €20 extra betaald krijgt bij je eerste opdracht.

Bijles of scriptiebegeleiding nodig? Intermate's got your back! Vi...

7 December 2020

Intermate is the study association of the bachelor Technical Innovation Sciences, the majors Sustainable Innovation and Psychology & Technology and the masters Human Technology Interaction and Innovation Sciences.


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