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When the next quartile is approaching, it means you will need some new books! If there are any problems, then please contact us. (


In order to get the discount on your books, you have to be a member of Intermate. When you are not a member of Intermate, this will be notified and you will have to become a member to be able to get your ordered books.


We have found a new book supplier 'Intertaal' where you can order your books as normal.

Procedure for ordering books:

  • Go to
  • Select the study associated with the course you are following
  • Select your study
  • Select your year
  • Select your course
  • Choose the book you need
  • Order the books you need

Intermate is the study association of the bachelor Technical Innovation Sciences, the majors Sustainable Innovation and Psychology & Technology and the masters Human Technology Interaction and Innovation Sciences.


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