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When the next quartile is approaching, it means you will need some new books! If there are any problems, then please contact us. (


In order to get the discount on your books you have to be a member of Intermate. When you are not a member of Intermate, this will be notified and you will have to become a member to be able to get your ordered books.


We have found a new book supplier 'Intertaal' where you can order your books as normal.

Procedure for ordering books:

  • Go to
  • Select the study associated with the course you are following
  • Select your study
  • Select your year
  • Choose the book you need
  • Order the books you need
  • Select your course

The books that are ordered before the 25th of August will be bought in bulk and they will be delivered to Intermate where you can pick them up. If you order books after that date, they will be delivered to your home.


Intermate is the study association of the bachelor Technical Innovation Sciences, the majors Sustainable Innovation and Psychology & Technology and the masters Human Technology Interaction and Innovation Sciences.


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