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Op zoek naar een flexibele bijbaan? Of bijles of scriptiebegeleiding nodig? Ontvang korting!

Op zoek naar een flexibele bijbaan? Geef bijles! Registreer je via deze link als lesgever en Intermate zorgt ervoor dat je €20 extra betaald krijgt bij je eerste opdracht.

Bijles of scriptiebegeleiding nodig? Intermate's got your back! Via deze unieke link krijg je €20 korting op kwalitatieve en individuele begeleiding via BijlesHuis aan huis of online.

Meld je aan via:

by Emma Urselmann, 7 December 2020

New Website Reveal

Dear Members!

Together with the CIE++, the external company Rozenlicht, and the digital feedback group, the 37th board ‘Aurelia’ has been working on making this new site as great as it could possibly be! We want to thank these people for all their effort.


For you as a member, it is of course interesting to see how you can activate your account on this new site! On this day, you will have/had received an invitational mail from

by Meie Kleijburg, 12 October 2020

Lassie Accounts

Lassie Accounts!

Dear members!

In this announcement we request you to activate your Lassie accounts. Lassie is the payment system which we use during the Borrels!

Why do you need an activated account?

With the new website on its way, we need you to activate the accounts so that you can upgrade your Borrel credit (money on your card) online! Further more, your website account will be linked to this lassie account, so the ac...

by Emma Urselmann, 10 October 2020

Welcome New Students!

Hi all,

Welcome to the TU/e and welcome to study association Intermate! In order to get you all a bit acquainted with life at the university, we have gathered some useful information for you regarding the introduction week and the start of the academic year. First of all, if you have any Intermate-related questions regarding the introduction week that your parents cannot solve for you, you can always send an email to and we will be happy to help!

Looking past...

10 September 2020

Student Assistant Pool IE&IS

The department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences is starting a student assistant pool for excellent students. We are looking for ambitious Bachelor and Master students to fulfil different student assistant roles. The student assistantships range from course related roles to input of data to general support for education or research for the department.

Who we are looking for:

Students (IE&IS) with an intrinsic motivation and good to excellent grades...
10 September 2020


Dear members,

We are aiming at organizing a couple of events this year and we are looking for your help! There will be a winter sports week, a symposium, and a gala! Therefore, we need enthusiastic members that want to help make this happen and be a part of these committees. If you want to know more about what these committees are about you can click on the links behind them to see an old committee member telling you everything about them! (The mov...

by Bart Verhaegh, 6 August 2020

Intermate is the study association of the bachelor Technical Innovation Sciences, the majors Sustainable Innovation and Psychology & Technology and the masters Human Technology Interaction and Innovation Sciences.


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