Lassie Accounts

Lassie Accounts!

Dear members!

In this announcement we request you to activate your Lassie accounts. Lassie is the payment system which we use during the Borrels!

Why do you need an activated account?

With the new website on its way, we need you to activate the accounts so that you can upgrade your Borrel credit (money on your card) online! Further more, your website account will be linked to this lassie account, so the activitation is necessary! The activiation is also nice for you, because when you have logged into Lassie you can download a report of all the drinks you have ever borreled (warning: this can be quite shocking for some) and also check the Borrelklassement real-time!

How do I activate my Lassie account? (disclaimer it’s easy)

  1. Go to
  2. Go to “I want to create an account”
  3. Type in the mail address you enrolled at at Intermate* (not your TU/e mail, but your personal mail!)
  4. Type in the password of choice!
  5. Activate the account via your personal mail address

* If you forgot this, contact Emma Urselmann ( or Meie Kleijburg ( so they can look this up for you, but first try out some of you mail addresses!

Thanks a lot and we will be revealing the new website shortly!

Much love,



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