Jodocus predictions & conspiracies

By Quincy Netteb - 28 May 2024

As this academic year is slowly coming to an end, you can almost smell the summer in the air, and you can already envision yourself lying at the beach or hiking in the mountains (whatever your vacation plans are). Aether, the 40th Board of Intermate, is getting ready to pass the baton to the 41st Kandi Board Jodocus. Join me for some fun predictions and conspiracies about Jodocus’ color and official board name.

What is up with the new IM master?

By Lotte van Dijck - Interviews - 21 May 2024

In this article, I dive into the burning questions students have about the new master track taking over from the IS master. For this I interviewed Johanna Höffken and Frauke Behrendt. Besides giving you answers on your burning questions, I will also inject my personal perspective, offering insights and opinions to enrich the discussion.

The board circle of life

By Arne Lubbers - 7 May 2024

In the Atlas building, the heart of the bustling TU/e, a rare and fascinating cycle unfolds—journey with me as we observe the life cycle of an Intermate board member. Observe them with me in their natural habitat and follow their path, as many have done before.

Here they are: The winners of the Intermate Education Awards 2024

By Maarten van Sluijs - 17 April 2024

The votes are in! Over 100 members have voted for their favourite teacher of the year. Whether you're a sjaars or an “ouwe lul”, there's always that one good teacher that makes a boring course fun, so let's put them in the sun!

Interviewing Days: A Short History by Wervingsdagen

By Wervingsdagen - Committees - 10 April 2024

As a committee of Intermate, Wervingsdagen is hard at work organizing their last event of this academic year, the Interviewing Days. In this article, they will take a look back at the modest beginnings of this event.

The Secret Life of Lucky Fonz III: A Deep Dive into His Music and Hidden Messages

By Quincy Netteb - 19 March 2024

In the age of information conspiracy theories are nigh indistinguishable from reality. However, these conspiracies surrounding one of Intermate's favourite musicians sound so real they simply have to be true!

The Boers Pamphlet: Unravelling the BOTC conspiracy

By Morris Boers - People of Intermate - 26 March 2024

On the 28th of February, the most important battle of the year took place. A fight in which our association separates the wheat from the chaff and where only the strongest committees survive: the BOTC. InterTEAM won this year?!?! How is this possible? Unfair play? a big conspiracy? Detective Boers is on the case and will unravel this mystery.

The next Intermania Theme?!

By Maarten van Sluijs - Committees - 7 February 2024

Join Maarten in the new semester as you try to find out together what the next theme is. Think of it as a Dora the Explorer episode.

Hop from the Past to the Future

By Esther Mendel - Committees - 9 January 2024

This is the last article in the theme of Back to the Future! Join Esther as she travels through time looking at all developments in the magical art of brewing beer!

Advancements of Advertising

By PromoCie - Committees - 11 December 2023

In this Article, Jaron (former PromoCie member) will tell you a bit about the way that advertising has changed since the dawn of modern media to today.

Money for Marvelous Moustaches

By SnorCie - Committees - 29 November 2023

A good moustache is something everyone can appreciate, so much so that you might even want to give some money for it. In this article, Jaron describes an especially good moustachioed cause for your money.

Lustra of the past

By Naud Janssen and Jonna van Dijk - Committees - 15 November 2023

On the brink of the 8th lustrum, Naud and Jonna will take you back to the past and reminisce about lustrum 1 to 7. What were the most memorable moments and which activities did our ancestors do during these festive days? Be sure to read this article to find out!

Gala etiquette over the years

By Quincy Netteb - Committees - 17 October 2023

As beautifully described in the gala booklet, the gala comes with some etiquettes, these etiquettes require you for example to ask out your date on a formal way, and more. But where did these etiquettes come from?

What the stickers on your laptop say about you

By Charlotte van Dongen - Columns - 9 October 2023

Any typical student may have spotted them once before; laptop stickers. A student's uni laptop is their 'personal property'. So, naturally, we decorate them with the most wonderful art to represent our personalities. In a wide variety of shapes, colors, and memes, these beautiful pieces of sticky paper are used to express one's true self. Let me give you some insight into what a laptop sticker says about you!

Time travel 101

By Maarten van Sluijs - Theme - 4 October 2023

As much as we try to do things right, making mistakes is inevitable in life, and while we try not to, it is hard to live without regrets. So, what if you could go back in time and stop yourself from doing that one stupid thing, or maybe more interestingly, do things you otherwise wouldn’t have. Time travel is a concept that while probably impossible, has enamored mankind for millennia. In our modern-day culture, it is quite a common appearance in the media. Of course, movies like “Back to the Future” spring to mind, but also in music like “Tijdmachine” by Dio, and books like the “Harry Potter” series. To help my fellow Intermaatjes I’ve decided to take a deep dive into the concept of time travel and share with you some of my results, so that hopefully in the future you might come back and live regret free. So welcome all, class of 2023, to Time Travel 101.

What will food be like in the future?

By Jasmijn Brouwer - Theme - 19 September 2023

To end the success of our last semester's theme 'Of the map', Intermania went to Antwerp. Of course, this trip did not only include drinking Belgian beers but also included an informative trip to the MAS. This museum had an exhibition called 'A la carte', which fits the 'of the map' theme perfectly. This article is based on that exhibition and focuses on the future of food. Will we go back to the old ways or innovate to a new normal? Let's include this semester's theme as well and go 'back to the future'!

Intermania's holiday tales of a summer past

By Intermania - Committees - 6 September 2023

In this article the Intermania committee welcomes you back to the University and the new academic year by sharing some of their holiday experiences

Off the map with the Intermania

By Intermania - Theme - 21 June 2023

Once everyone is finished with their exams, we can do whatever we want during the summer. The members of the Intermania will tell you a little bit about the places they are visiting this summer and why you should visit them too. There is something for everyone, as we have highlights for people that want to go to Europe, people who enjoy traveling further than Europe, and people who wish to stay in the Netherlands.

Aether's Nighttime Adventures

By Bestuur - Committees - 7 June 2023

Normally, boards tend to introduce themselves in their first Intermania article. The 40th board of Intermate decided to go in a completely different direction and have written a beautiful story for you.

Why the heck did I go to Iceland?

By Lotte van Dijck - Theme - 5 June 2023

Lotte went to Iceland for her international semester and is now reflecting on why she choose to go there and how her exchange was. While the courses were nice she will not go into detail about that in this article because that is something that we all know.

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