Wintermate 2025: ShrekSki

1 February 2025 - 8 February 2025
By Wintermate
La Plagne
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Are you ready for the best week of the year, maybe even of your life?!?!

WINTERMATE 2025 is already planned and subscriptions are now open! This year it will take place from 1-8 February. It's a week packed with skiing, snowboarding, and unforgettable Après-ski parties in La Plagne. The theme this year will be SHREKSKI, because a Wintermate with Shrek will always be Shrektactular.

PRICE €541:

Please know that the price range is an estimation. The price will differ based on the amount of people that will join our trip. Also look carefully at what is included and excluded in the price in the list below.


- Bus trip

- 6-day Ski pass

- Accommodation: This year, we have 5-person apartments with a kitchen, right on the slopes! From the apartment, you can jump straight onto your skis!


- Wintersport gear - this will be your own responsibility, either rent it on the location or make sure you can borrow your gear from a friend!

- Ski or snowboarding lessons 

AREA: This year's trip will go to:

La plagne Bellecote!! It offers more than 225 kilometres of slopes suitable for all levels. Beginning Wintermaatjes can enjoy the wide and gentle slopes of Belle Plagne, while the more experienced skiers and snowboarders can tackle the challenging descents of Roche de Mio. Next to that, la Plagne is famous for its amazing après-ski possibilities. So after a long day of skiing or snowboarding, you can sit down and enjoy a nice drink!


Do not hesitate to text if you have any questions, comments or other notices by contacting me, Morris Boers (+316 44173901). 

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If the number of enthusiasts exceeds the limit of 25, a raffle will be held.


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