Lunch Lecture BearingPoint

6 January 2021 - 5 January 2021
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On the 6th of January, our new partner BearingPoint will give an online lunch lecture. Alumnus Joost van der Heide will introduce the company and tell more about his experience as a consultant. 

Two consultants will tell their stories and professional paths on how they decided on the best suitable jobs to kick-start their career after graduating. They will highlight different types of consulting and take you with them on a day in the life of a consultant. Furthermore, they will explain how they tackle current challenges which companies in the utilities, health and retail sector are facing. Next to that, they will provide you with some hands-on tips on how to prepare for and to nail your next job interview!

This presentation will be brought to you by Joost, a starter who graduated Human Technology Interaction at TU/e last year and Sanne, a starter who graduated Business Information Management at the Erasmus University. 

Please mention in the comments whether you would like to pick up free lunch in Eindhoven

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