Couples Cup Cup

10 February 2021 20:00 - 23:59
By AC-Team
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Helloo Intermate members!!! 

Get ready for a new online drink of the AC-team!!

Wednesday the 10th of February at 20.00, an online AC-drink is organized! We are going to play exciting red cup drinking games, also known as the ‘Couples Cup Cup’ games.

The location; online via discord (we have made an own discord for this, it’s not the Intermate discord) 

You will pick up a package with accessories for the evening. This will cost €3,-

You can sign up in teams of two, but you have to sign up individually! (let us know in the comments who is your teammate). You can also sign up individually and we will match you with someone else who signed up individually. If you are a team with someone, but don’t want to sit together during the evening, this is also possible, but let us know in advance, because this means we have to change the package a bit for you.

Make sure you get subscribed!! 

Hope to see you on the 10th of February!!

The AC-team 


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