Het perfecte plaatje

12 February 2021 - 19 March 2021
By KiekCie
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Intermate has gotten great at participating in their own version of television shows! We have already done "Wie is de Mol?" and "Masterchef", so the KiekCie decided to introduce their passion into this hype as well! That's why th eKiekCie presents: Het perfecte plaatje.

In a few exciting roungs with specific instructions, Intermate members can battle and show their pictures to each other and to the jury. For each round, you will receive plenty of time to ensure you can shoot the perfect picture to show to our strict judges.

New to photography? No worries! We have plenty of people who will gladly help you get started. Even without a professional camera, you can join this event by taking the pictures on your phone.

Scared to take upon this adventure on your own? No worries either! You can choose someone to group up with! Please indicate in the comment section whether you will be participating on your own or with someone (enter their name in the comment section as well).

Let the battle begin!

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