After Exam Chill Day

29 January 2021 15:00 - 18:00
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The DisCo, FeesCie and the Board are collaborating to hold the online after exam chill day. Join in after your exams for some free snacks, the Intermate Top 40, games and puzzles. Subscribe below and enter your preference for one of the pickup locations; Hoogstraat 154 or Stratumseind 38A, in the comments!

Do you think Roller Coaster from Danny Vera was a deserving winner of the Dutch Top2000 or should another artist-song combination top the chart? This is where Intermate can show their ultimate taste and you have a say in that. Make sure you fill in your top 10 favorite songs of all time and if others agree with you, it might enter our playlist during the After Exam Chill Day. Fill in your top 10 here!

The after exam chill day start at 15.00H on Discord and ends around 18:00H. Please sign up when you woud like to pick-up a snack package! Snacks can be picked up from 10:00h till 15:00h.

! You can only subscribe for the snacks untill 28-01-2021 (17:00h)

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