Intermate's Online Carnavals Pubcrawl

11 February 2021 16:00 - 23:59
By BorrelCie
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Form a team of four people, dress-up in your best Carnavals suit and join us on the 11th on Discord! (If you can't find a team of four don't worry just subscribe and we will help you with it).

You will be crawling through our five amazing bars where you can play games or just chill with your friends and others.

We rented-out the following fabulous bars especially for you!:

- Ease Back Bro Down Break Bar

- Tropical Toeter Three-man Tikibar

- Magnificent Majestic Magical Music Bar

- Crazy Complicated Creative CarnavalsKahoot

- Prepare to Paint your Perfect Parade Picture

We will start at 16:00 with the games where your team can win points. Points for your costume will definitely be a bonus! At 18:00 we will announce the winning team! Afterwards, you're always free to stay and hang-out.

Happy save Carnavalling and hope to see you there!

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