Wintermate Photohunt

24 February 2021 14:30 - 19:00
By Wintermate
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Eindhoven has been covered in snow the last week, so the famous Wintermate committee started working on a fun activity for you and your friends! The Wintermate skiing trip did unfortunately not happen this year, but we made a fun winter themed photohunt for you to participate in!

What’s the idea? In duo’s you will be going around Eindhoven in the search for snowy pictures, whilst having some classic winter drinks and doing fun activities with your best friend! During the activity we will provide the drinks for you, you get a surprise gadget and we will end with an online afterparty/ an award ceremony for the winners of the photohunt!

When? The 24th of February starting at 14:30

Costs? €3,70 per participant

Where can I subscribe? Via this link on the Intermate site:

When in doubt: Just subscribe, this is the perfect way of going out of your room and doing a fun activity whilst having drinks with your best friend :)

The maximum amount of duo’s that can participate is 10. If this number is exceeded, a drawing will take place like normal Intermate drawing procedure. The subscription deadline is on Monday the 22th of February at 23.59.

Subscribe as a duo, so comment with which friend you will participate!

See you on the 24th!

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