Intermate Epidelympics

1 March 2021 - 24 March 2021
By InterT.E.A.M.
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InterT.E.A.M. presents the next way to keep you guys healthy and active during the pandemic. We dare you to participle with: The Intermate Epidelymics. During 3,5 weeks we will provide you with various sports challenges! You can participate in the “Single exercise” tournament and in the “Duo exercise” tournament.

In the "single exercise" tournament, you will be provided with challenges you can do on your own. In the "duo exercise" tournament you will get exercises you can do with someone else. But beware, the points of these duo challenges are individual. So you can also do these challenges with someone who is not participating in the tournament.

We will start on the 1st of March and the final will be on the 24th of March. The winners of the tournaments will receive must-have prizes which will be announced later. You can join both tournaments, but you cannot win two prizes.

Please write in the comments which tournament you wish to enter.

Have fun and good luck!


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