BorrelCie Special Drink: Winetherapy

25 March 2021 17:00 - 22:00
By BorrelCie
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Even during lockdown, the BorrelCie will cheer you up with its most legendary event. On the 25th of March, the famous annual wine tasting drink will take place!

This year's theme, winetherapy, will help you get through these hard times, and it will protect you against all diseases because ‘wijn is het beste medicijn’!

Menus will be sold for just 5 euros and they include two reviving red wines, two wonderful white wines, and some snacks as well. You can pick up these menus at different locations throughout Eindhoven. Do you only like red or white wine? Find a partner that likes the opposite and share your menu(s).

Please subscribe as soon as possible so we know how many menus we have to prepare. The maximum amount of menus is 67, if this is exceeded a raffle will be held. Subscriptions will therefore close at the 21st of March.


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