Intermasterchef Feestelijke Flitsende Foodtruck Festival Fietstocht

26 April 2021 18:15 - 21:00
13/20 subscriptions
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This year we will give 30 Intermate members the opportunity to stand in the shoes of a real Intermasterchef jury member! In the evening of Monday, April 26th, you will participate in the Feestelijke, Flitsende Foodtruck Festival Fietstocht by subscribing as a duo.

Will the title be taken by Goe Gebakken Gerda (Lisa&Tijn) who are specialized in pumpkin specialties… Double Hamer Trouble (Lars&David) who mainly use hammers as utensils, or Team Bankstel (Roxanne&Patrick) who bring their burger life into the kitchen? It’s up to you and the other participants to judge these dishes together with the organization to appoint the winners of INTERMASTERCHEF 2021. 

In time slots, you and your partner in crime will visit the three finalists, who will serve you their TASTY foodtruck dishes. Tickets are free of charge and a regular raffle procedure will be conducted when over 15 duo’s subscribe. The only things you have to bring are a bike, an empty stomach and lots of enthusiasm. Hungry yet? Subscriptions are open until Thursday, April 22nd.

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