AC-NWB Find the Right Way!

19 May 2021 16:00 - 20:00
By AC-Team
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Hi Intermate membersss, 

Wednesday 19 may 16:00 the AC-Team organizes a new activity!!! The activity will be an active and exciting scavenger hunt: it is called: AC-NWB Find the right way! You can participate alone or in a duo (add your duo in the description). You need to dress like a real anwb couple (same outfitss). The hunt is in Eindhoven with fun games.

Hopefully, when the current rules become looser, an outside borrel at the end of the hunt can be organized! Maybe there will be made a few changes in the program, you will hear about this later! ? The price is currently an estimation and will be announced soon (around €2,50)! 

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