In 't Audt Open Activity: Where does the fox hide?

18 May 2021 17:00 - 21:00
By In 't Audt
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On the 18th of May In ‘t Audt will have you run around Eindhoven to find some weird foxes. You can subscribe in duos to participate in this fox hunt. You will get dinner and a nice drink for the low cost of 3,50 euros.

During the fox hunt you will be tasked to find all kinds of bizarre people/creatures/thingies, throughout parts of Eindhoven. These foxes can help you with finding the answers you need to win. You might even get to know some ‘burgerlijke’ orange foxes. We will end the activity at 8 with a small finale and an online drink afterwards for the ones who want to stick around.


In 't Audt

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