Intermate's Got Talent

11 May 2021 - 14 June 2021
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Hello intermaten! 

This time it is the real deal! Start practicing your vocal cords, acting skills or any other abilities, because the time is here to show everyone what you can do in the new and upcoming Intermate’s Got Talent. Where intermate members will be able to show their talents and abilities in a corona proof experience. The talent show will start on the 11th of May and will consist of 3 separate rounds with a concluding final round where the winner(s) will receive a prize. 

Every round the participants are asked to submit a video of their talent before the deadline. After the deadline the Intermate’s Got Talent jury will decide who will continue to the next round, which will then be in the same format. The submitted video’s should be at least 2 minutes and a maximum of 2.5 minutes (inclusive a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds of introducing yourself), and all talents are allowed. It will be possible to do either a solo or a duo act.

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