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23 August 2021 - 27 August 2021
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Are you free in the week from 23rd till the 28th of August? Do you want to assist the next generation of Sjaarsen in finding their way in Eindhoven, at the TU/e and with Intermate? And finally, do you feel like having a week filled with fun activities? Then you should definitely sign up for being an introweek parent.

During the introweek you will be responsible for your group of kiddo's (new first year students). Together with a friend, with whom you should subscribe, you have to make sure that all students feel welcome with us! And the best way to do this is by having a week filled with fun activities in which you can participate yourself!

It is not yet known according to which scenario - online, hybrid, or offline - the event will take place. This will be announced in June.

NOTE: mention the other person with whom you want to become an introweek parent in the 'comments' section (mention "on my own" if you want to subcribe on your own) AND mention whether you passed your propaedeutic phase!

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