AC Volleybal tournament

10 June 2021 15:00 - 20:00
By AC-Team
Aurorafield + drink in front of Atlas
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Hello Intermate members,

The AC-team organizes the last super-exciting activity of this year!!!

On Thursday the 10th of June 15:00 the yearly AC volleyball tournament will take place! The theme is Hawaii, to get into some summer vibes!

This year it is going to take place on the Aurora field. Assemble a team of six people, subscribe with each person and write in the comments your original team name!!! While waiting for the next volleyball game, you can join the drink at atlas pond provided by the BorrelCie 

After the tournament, a delicious barbecue meal will be available for only €7,-. There will be a draw, because there is a limit of people for the BBQ. If the maximum number of subscriptions is reached, a draw also needs to take place to determine which teams can participate in the tournament.

Write in the comments if you wanna join the BBQ and if you have a diet

We hope to see you at the tournament!



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