AFExCIE 2021 goes to Istanbul!

23 November 2021 - 27 November 2021
By AFExCie
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This year the trip of the AFExCIE will go to Istanbul! A city is full of western and eastern cultures and a lot to discover. We will go from 23 November - 27 November 2021, if Covid-19 let us go. Besides going to the sightseeing hotspots of Istanbul, we will be going to some innovative companies in this city. We have a place for 40 people who can join so make sure you subscribe. If the limit is exceeded, a raffle will take place. Just like the standard raffle procedure. It will be around 150 euro's per participants, including airplane tickets, the hostel and the activities. We will be keeping track of the Corona measurements in Turkey as well as in the Netherlands. If these measurements prevent us from going in November, we will move the trip to February. Otherwise, the money will be refunded. We hope that you all subscribe to this once in a lifetime trip!

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