[CANCELED] Voluntary Activity at SWZ Zonhove

17 November 2021 12:30 - 20:00
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SWZ Zonhove
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Want to see more than just the university building? Are you excited to make a positive contribution to a good cause? We are as well! That is why we are happy to announce that we are organizing a wonderful day in which we as Intermate will help out at SWZ Zonhove. Zonhove is a foundation that supports their residents that suffer from multiple disabilities. At this location they live, but also do activities, work, and learn.

In the first part of the program, groups of students will do a fun activity with the residents, where they get to know the residents and have a good time with them. To the residents, this is very valuable, as they get in touch with new people and have fun social interaction. After the residents go home, around 5 o’clock, there will be a small drink and free dinner!

Afterward, at six o’clock, the second part of the program starts afterward, where we sit down and discuss the foundation in terms of PT/HTI and SI/IS. They would love to hear some input on their UI for the residents and on the development of a new (innovative and sustainable) building.

SWZ and us would really appreciate the help, so make sure to subscribe if you have the time! As the full program is from 12:45 (at Atlas) till 20:00 (at SWZ Zonhove), we can imagine that you are not available for the whole activity. Therefore, it is also possible to only subscribe for the first or second part (including or excluding dinner). Please mention in the comments if you would only like to join one part of the activity and if you are joining for dinner. Also make sure to bring your bike, as we will bike to the location.


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