Intermania Poem Evening

15 November 2021 18:00 - 21:30
By Intermania
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After the success of the intermagic bean challenge

Which was hard to manage

The Intermania is coming with a new activity

Something which needs a bit of creativity

You probably already can guess

But nonetheless

Let me explain

We are running another campaign 

This time it is more theoretical

Using a little more alphabetical

Now let's cut to the chase

So let me introduce it with some grace

A poem competition it is this time

So hopefully you are ready to rhyme 

Whether you want to write in English or not

Just give it a shot!

The best one will win a prize

Which is more than a little piece of advice

Want to get a headstart

Just come and be part

Of our beer and rhyme evening

And you will be the poem king 

This evening will take place on Monday 15th of November

So subscribe to become a member

Are you a poem expert already

Keep 25th of November in your heady 

Because then is the poem deadline

So make sure your calendars align 

Email the poem to 

Then you can say farewell

The winner will be announced on the Sinterklaas drink

So make sure it doesn’t stink

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