Christmas Advent Calendar

23 December 2021 - 31 December 2021
By BorrelCie
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Ho Ho Ho Intermaatjes! Despite the cancellation of the amazing special drinks due to COVID, we (BorrelCie) organized an alternative for the Christmas drink to still be (sort of) together ❤️!

Due to the new covid measures we cannot let you guys buy the calendar at Intermate, instead, you will be able to pick it up at 's gravessandestraat 1H.

Pickup times:

Tuesday 12-15 and after 16.

Wednesday before 16:30.

Thursday the entire day.

To give us an idea how many of you would like to have our Borrel Advent Calendar (for only €15,-), please subscribe below if you are interested.

We are going to create a Whatsapp group with all intermates who bought an advent calendar where we send challenges and share the unpacking of the beers on:

- Thursday before Christmas eve (23/12)

- Christmas eve (24/12)

- 1st Christmas day (25/12)

- New Year's eve (31/12)

- New Year's day (01/01)

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