Aachen weekend trip

18 March 2022 - 19 March 2022
By SExCie
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And the winner of the SExCie weekend excursion poll is ... drums ... Aachen! The SExCie invites you to come along on our annual weekend excursion to Aachen. On Friday morning the 18th of March we leave Eindhoven to visit two companies in the area around Aachen and that evening we will try to scientifically determine whether Germans know how to party. After a (not so) long and comfortable night, we will conclude the trip with a fun activity and thereafter we'll return to the warmth of Eindhoven. Transportation, the accommodation and the fun activity is all included in the price of 30 euros. So don't hesitate and subscribe now to get one of the 40 available spots! Subscriptions will close on the evening of Sunday February 27th.

Aachen is an old city founded by the romans. It's mostly famous as imperial residence of Charlemagne (Karel de Grote) and many Holy Roman Emperors were crowned here during the middle ages. Nowadays Aachen has the largest technical university in Germany with over 47.000 students - that's 4 times the TU/e!

Corona: Germany currently has a 2G+ policy, which means that you cannot enter any bars, restaurants and public locations without being fully vaccinated or having had COVID in the last three months. Besides you also need to be boosted (third vaccination). If you haven’t been boosted or if you haven’t had COVID in the last three months, you need to get tested before being able to enter public locations, even though you did get your first and second jab (1 for Janssen). The SExCie does not plan extra time for getting tested. We reccomend that you contact the committee if you have not been vaccinated so they can help you search for a moment to get tested.

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