(everything but) Footballtournament

7 July 2022 15:00 - 20:00
By InterT.E.A.M.
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Dear Intermaatjes,

On the 7th of July the InterT.E.A.M. football tournament will take place again. On this day, you can join with a team of 5 friends to fight for the victory. It will be a day of chilling in the sun, playing some football and drinking some beers. Perfect way to finish the study year!

The theme is everything but football, so dress up with your team as players from a different sport. There is also a price for best outfit so make sure to come in the best outfit you can find!

After the tournament is over, a BBQ and borrel will be held to finish the day well. The price for the tournament and the BBQ is still to be announced since this is not sure yet. Indicate in the comments your team name (5 players in a team) and we will see you on the 7th of July!



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