THE 'Frisbak' tournament

18 August 2022 16:00 - 22:00
Gather at the Internaat
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Of course, the LiftCie weekend has always been known to create the best experiences. However, this year, it resulted in something special: the game Frisbakken was founded. Frisbakken is deemed to be the great successor of games like Flunkybal. People who know the game, do not want anything else anymore, so make sure to participate.

This year on August 18, YOU can participate in the first world championship of Frisbakken. Frisbakken is a game that can be described as a game you 'learn by doing'. It includes a few things: a frisbee, beer and some lovely people to play.

Dinner will not be arranged, but we are sure we can improvise to have a nice meal together in the end.

PS: The price of the event still depends on the amount of subscribtions, however you will only pay for the drinks. Furthermore, of course, Frisbakken is known to be a nice game in which beer plays an important role, but if you prefer to drink something else, this will be arranged.

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