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2 March 2023 - 15 March 2023
By InterT.E.A.M.
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Have you ever been at a rave and thought: “I really want to play a round of alles bal right now”? Or can you never decide which sport you want to play? Well than InterT.E.A.M. has just the event for you!

“Alles bal” is a game often played in highschool. There are two competing teams who participate in a match against each other. The amount of players and the sport played differs between rounds. This way you can play all different kinds of sport in one match! The team who wins the most rounds is the ultimate InterT.E.A.M. RaveCave champion. Who would not want that title :)

The rave will take place on the 14th of March at 16:00 in the SSC. The activity will cost 3 euros and a nice dinner is included!

Please indicate in the comments if you are a SSC sport card owner :)

So get you weirdest glasses, black outfit and lollipops ready and join InterT.E.A.M!

See you there ?

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