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21 March 2023 18:00 - 23:00
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Stage Music Cafe
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Heyyy Intermaatjes ??? 

We eat pizza at 18.00 at stage music cafe. Subscribe here if you want to join for dinner beforehand. The pizza will approximately be 5,-

On the 21st of march at 19:00 the OpenPodium will take place! This is that evening in the year where brave intermaatjes come and show their hidden talents on stage! So can you sing ? , dance ? , play an instrument ?, do a circus act ?, perform a beautiful theater piece?, tell some jokes? or do you have any other amazing talents? Tell your friends and save the date!! Fill in the form if you want to perform your act on the open Podium!

If you have any questions message Morris (+31644173901). 

P.S. It is possible to perform with your whole band on stage.

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