Gala Dance Workshop

25 October 2023 20:00 - 22:00
By GalaCie
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Get ready for the upcoming Lustrum Gala on November 24th! It's going to be an exciting night filled with a lot of dancing in a variety of styles, including ballroom dancing with your partner.?? To ensure you're Gala-ready, you can come and practice with us and learn to dance with our Gala dance lessons given by none other than our own Julia & Gans !! Our first lesson kicks off on Wednesday October 4th, with an exciting follow-up session on October 25th. The dance lessons will be held on campus from 20:00-22:00 in which you will get professional instructions to master the dance. You can now subscribe to the website with a partner for free??. Don't miss your chance to shine on the dance floor! We hope to see you there! Love, GalaCie

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