Sponsnorrun 2023

1 December 2023 15:30 - 16:30
By SnorCie
Karpendonkse Plas (Eindhoven)
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Hey there!

On the 1st of Decembsnor something big is going to happen!

A charity run for KWF (in collaboration with Intermania) to celebrate the end of Movember.

Not only the SnorCie will run, but you can all run with us!

Run as many rounds as you can between 15:30-16:30 at the Karpendonkse Plassen (2km rounds), and convince your family, friends, others, to donate for your rounds.

It will be a great festivity! For some this will even be a first training for the Bata ;).

We will provide drinks, like hot chocolate, and tasty cookies for those who run and cheer.

The donation forms will follow later if you don't want to run, but cheer on your favorite runner (or do something nice for charity).

For the die-hards, the SnorCie has something special. If you can show us that you fully completed Movember and compete in the sponsnorrun, the SnorCie will donate an additional 5€ to KWF.

For the members that cannot grow a moustache, the official rules of Movember say the following: Mo-ve (run) 60km in the month Movember. Ofcourse your kilometers at the Sponsnorrun will count. By doing both activities and approval of the committee, we will also donate 5 euro's in this case. Join our Strava club to show your support!:

After the run (at 17:00) we will host a special drink: the Snorrel.

Special snorbeers will be present and the total raised amount will be revealed!

We hope to see you all on the 1st of Decembsnor!

Cheers! The SnorCie

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