Company visit at HetEnergieBureau

9 January 2024 18:45 - 21:00
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Achtseweg Zuid 159 R, Strijp-T
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Get Started with Sustainability at HetEnergieBureau!

We warmly invite you to our office to get acquainted. HetEnergieBureau is an advisory firm that prioritizes enjoyment in its projects. We're a team of motivated individuals dedicated to making a societal impact. We achieve this by advising and guiding local governments, as well as other clients, in the sustainability of the built environment, mobility, policy, and participation. From charging infrastructure policies to scaling up mobility-as-a-service and from a heat transition vision for the city to a sustainability plan for a festival, we approach all projects with enthusiasm. We're always on the lookout for new, friendly, and smart individuals to join us. That's why we'd love to connect with you!

On January 9th, we're hosting a meet-and-greet at our office. And, of course, we'll conclude the year with a drink.

The schedule is as follows:

6:45 PM Start of the program and introduction to HetEnergieBureau

7:00 PM Intermate alumni sharing their experiences from their internship with us

7:15 PM Information session including case studies

8:00 PM Drink

9:00 PM End of the program

Several colleagues will be present, including Intermate alumni, so during the drink, there will be plenty of opportunities to engage with us and ask any questions you might have!

For a first impression of us and our projects, take a look at our website ( or watch this promotional video from the TU/e master's program in Innovation Sciences. On our beautiful rooftop terrace, our colleague Anna Lena Gompelmann, an alumni of the TU/e master's program in Innovation Sciences, shares in this video how she applies her study experience in practice at HetEnergieBureau.

You will also receive one drink and a MyFuture activity!

Location: The Podium at MELT, on Strijp-T.

The location is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle, walking, and car.

The address is:

Achtseweg Zuid 159 R, 5651 GW Eindhoven

Building TQ, Parking Entrance B (on the side facing the railway), Building number 6, elevator goes up to MELT 6th floor, then through the door to the office space and a short walk to the kitchen.

If you can't find it, you can call Anna Lena at (+31 6 20298050).

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