AC Pub Crawl in Tilburg!

1 February 2024 - 2 February 2024
By AC-Team
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Heey intermaatjes,

Get ready to celebrate the end of the exam weeks with the AC Pub Crawl in Tilburg!🥳 

Grab your nicest Intermate merch💛 and join us on this unforgettable tour of the best pubs in Tilburg!🕺

📍meeting point: Eindhoven Central (city side)

🗓️date: February 1st

🕘Meeting time: 21:00

🕒 Bus back: 02:00

Tickets🎟️ will be around €7,50 and the first round of drinks is on us!🍻 We’ve got the bus back to Eindhoven sorted for you, so all you need to do is make this a night to remember✨🎆

We are taking the train to Tilburg, so please bring your OV-card to travel along!

There is a maximum of 45 spots. If there are more subscriptions there will be a raffle.

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