3 May 2024 10:30 - 17:30
By Parentsday
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Calling all first years!!

On Friday the 3rd of may the Parentsday committee of intermate has organized the amazing family and friends day for all first years and their relatives. This is THE day to show everyone you know what you are actually doing here at the uni and answer all their questions about your program. Your companions will get a taste of the PT and SI courses by following guest lectures (Johanna Höffken & Daniël Lakens!), solving cases from your program, enjoying an amazing campus tour and more!

They might also encounter some swamps and donkeys during this day because the theme of the whole program will be Shrek! Prepare your people to solve some Shrek-related problems.

Subscribe to the family and friends day via the intermate website to make sure you can show your interesting program to your pals and family, lunch and a borrel will be included. We hope to see you on the 3rd of may!

This activity is only for first years.

Please indicate with how many people you are coming in the comments!:)

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