The value of art

By CieKlusKlus - 16 March 2022

The fix committee, ‘CieKlusKlus’, of Intermate was asked to provide an article for the art theme of the Intermania. One might ask how art is related to CieKlusKlus? We think it is quite straightforward as everything you make using your mind can be called a piece of art, only its beauty and value is subject to one’s opinion and taste.

However, there is one exception, where the beauty and value of the artefact is widely acknowledged. This is obviously the CieKlusKlus Sexy KlusKalender, filled with sensual and a bit provocative pictures of the scarcely dressed craft(wo)men of the CieKlusKlus. Even though, the birthday calendar was positively received, there are still some issues left. Moreover, the value of the sexy calendar is, despite its great beauty, only €3.50.

Speaking about value of art. The abstract and visual artistic movements are known for putting ridiculous prices on seemingly low-effort crafts. The British artist Banksy tried to mock this phenomenon by shredding his canvas right after it was auctioned for €1.2 million, which was four times as much as the estimated value. After the incident the price of the half-shredded canvas is now estimated to be at least 50% higher than before the shredding.

In the top ten most valuable pieces of art are also some peculiar works which makes you wonder what was going on in the mind of the artist while making it. For example, Number 17A from Jackson Pollock looks like a graffiti wall where the painter had an epileptic attack whilst holding some bottles of paint, but it is worth around $200 million.