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By Bestuur - 30 March 2022

On a scale from a drawing from your eight-year-old niece to the Nachtwacht (Night Watch) by Rembrandt, how much do you consider the drawing made by your high school drawing teacher to be art? This is an art dilemma that tends to keep me up at night: when do we consider something to be art and when is it just a creation that does not hold a particular meaning? In trying to answer these questions for myself, I have consulted friends, family, and other acquaintances. However, now I am even more confused about the topic.

Everybody I have spoken to has another belief about what is considered to be art and what is not. But who is right? Is it even possible to be right and is there a rule of art that determines when something is an artpiece and when something is not? If I look up art in the Cambridge English Dictionary it tells me that art is defined as “the making of objects, images, music, etc. that are beautiful or that express feeling”.

If I take this explanation, I would consider the drawing of your eight-year-old niece and much more pieces as works of art. I would even go as far to say that if there is even one person that would consider a photograph, piece of music, musical, or play beautiful or something that elicits their feelings then it falls into the category of art. Art is different for everyone and I encourage you to start a discussion with your peers about this topic, start a discussion in the Internaat and be open to the opinions of others.

So, if you ever look at pictures the KiekCie took, a logo the PromoCie made, a design the Intermerch created, or a poem by the Intermania do think to yourself if you consider it art, and know that I certainly do!  


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