The art of spinning the wheel

By Tim Bruggink - 12 April 2022

The beloved Radje draaien game practiced by many members of Intermate has recently become available at the drinks of Intermate. The recent radje has been made available thanks to the CieKlusKlus, which may be the best job they ever did. This beautiful radje contains a whole variety of rewards. From four delicious shots of Ketel 1, to five beers, even two Orval can be won.  

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This radje however is not the first one to hang in the Internaat. Back in IPO, there used to be a radje as well. This one, although functional, was less beautiful in its design. An old bicycle wheel was used as a base for the design. However, this radje did have some more interesting results. You could spin this wheel again but you could also win a meter beer and even as a punishment that you had to ring the bell. But maybe the most special reward was “Das boot”, this was a glass in the shape of a boot full of beer (as visible in the picture). Sadly this glass sneuveld somewhere along the way and the reward just meant some free beers… 

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Besides these two legendary radjes at Intermate, there are two other radjes worth mentioning. The one in Villa Fiesta, a less known but also frequently used radje and by some veterans declared as the most profitable radje. Lastly, the best known radje at Stratum by Intermate members and the reason for the establishment of two groups, whom I have had the pleasure of interviewing: the radje at the Kix! I could tell you about the radje at the Kix myself but it would be far better to allow David, a member of “De Kix Draaiers”, to explain what is so amazing about this radje. 

David mentioned a couple of reasons why he loves spinning the wheel and especially why he loves spinning the wheel at the Kix. First off he mentioned the simple reason that “Even if you lose, you still win because you get alcohol.” A solid argument. Secondly, he mentioned a tradition, which is that “You keep on spinning until you lose. With a big group that means you get a lot of alcohol.” And lastly, the reason why the Kix is so amazing is that “If you lose, you can always walk away if it’s busy enough. That is mostly when you spin alone, however, because with bad coordination the person that you’re with still has to pay.” 

Apart from “De Kix Draaiers” there is another group who have a special connection to the radje at the Kix. Morris, a member of “De Moesselboys” was happy to explain why the radje at the Kix is so special: “Well, the beauty of spinning the wheel is that you never know what will fall on your path but if you lose you can always transform it into a win, at least at the Kix that is. If you lose a radje, you should always try to make a deal with the bartender to… *Starts snapping his fingers* gain some delicious moessel, a fine sweet white wine from the Moessel area in Germany, it is like art in your mouth. The only spot you can get some delicious moessel in the Netherlands is at the Kix, so you should never throw away an opportunity to sip some of the finest wine. See you at the Kix!” 

“Even if you lose, you still win because you get alcohol.”

Next to these wheel-spinning groups, there are two people worth mentioning. The most enthusiastic radje spinners within Intermate, Naud Janssen and Sander Schepers. I asked them a couple of questions about their passion. To the question why spinning the wheel is so amazing, Naud answered: “I especially like the fact that other people don’t want to join and then you convince them to do it anyway. And of course the thrilling experience to try and drink for free at the bar.” Far less enthusiastic however was the response from Sander, who stated: “I actually find it pretty shit. Afterward, I really hate it.” But why do it then? Well for Sander there is an easy answer, “In the Kix I do it for the stamp card.” The stamp card is something both men are enthusiastic about, if this card is filled after spinning it four times, you win 20 liters of beer. Next to this, there is also a card that allows you to spin the next few tries for free. Because what is better than spinning the wheel? Doing it for free! 

Both agreed that the best wheel was the Kix although Sander found the Villa Fiesta a strong contender “because of the bottle of vodka that can be won”. But is there some way to improve the radje at Intermate in such a way that it comes close to the glory of the radje at the Kix? Naud: “The wheel of Intermate is missing something like turning the wheel for free again three times like the stamp card at the Kix and maybe some more fun non-alcoholic rewards.” Sander agrees “At the Internaat I miss the free beer card or that you could drink an entire fridge for free.” Clearly, there is still some room for improvement at the radje of Intermate. 

To my great disappointment, the radje has recently become less available during drinks. This however means that it is extra special when it is returned to its precious spot. So keep your eyes peeled at the drinks and enjoy this thrilling art of gambling! 


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