Green Art

By Cécile Geertman - 3 May 2022

Nowadays, the concept of sustainability is integrated in many sectors of society, as the value of the natural environment is more and more recognized. A maybe surprising sector that has also embraced the beauty of sustainability, is the art world. Artists express their connection to nature in many different, creative ways. Some provide a message in their paintings, others make art out of trash or recycled products, while artists with more green fingers use nature itself to design the most beautiful creations. Below, several green art projects will be presented, followed by some inspiration for when you find yourself in a green art creation mood.  

The first artwork, located in Spain, has a deep meaning related to climate change. Ruben Orozco created a head of a girl, which has been placed in the river in the city Bilbao. Due to the changing tides, the head is sometimes above water and other times beneath the water surface. This represents the consequences we all might face when we keep contributing to the enhanced climate effect and therefore, to the rise in water levels. It is called 'Bihar', which means ‘Tomorrow’, and invites people to think about the future.  


Afbeelding met water, buiten

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving 

Second, people can get very creative with the materials they use in their art. The company Converse works together with local artists to create large murals in cities. Those murals have been pained with a certain air-purifying paint, which absorbs CO2 from the air during the drying process. The mural presented below cab be found in Jakarta and has been created by the artists Wormo and Fivust.