Introducing Epicurus

By Bestuur - 8 June 2022

It's that time of the year again. Exams are a few weeks away, summer is near, and a new board is going to flip Intermate on its head. We all thought we were headed for a normal kandi-period. However, despite COVID being less of an issue, we definitely did not have an ideal kandi process. Initial kandi5 discord sessions, delayed interviews, and a postponed transfer weekend did cause some troubles and worries, but we persisted and worked hard to be ready for the upcoming year. 

When the transfer weekend got postponed, we were obviously quite bummed out, though it was outside of our control. Despite this, Neomeris definitely did their best to still 'feut' us from time to time. With help from some Sjaarzen as well, our beautiful kandi shirts have had a significant beating, and the transfer weekend is yet to come.  

But now for the more serious aspects of the start of our board year. We will explain our name and logo, mention some of the things we will be working on this year, and introduce ourselves. 

Before we came up with our name, we already had a thought in our heads that we would like our name to refer to. Recently, an event took place that affected the whole of Intermate, including us. This is of course the death of our beloved boys Boris and Axel. Everyone who knew the boys or heard about them during the funeral knows that these boys were known as real adventurers and lived life to the fullest. Therefore, we wanted to come up with a name that represents this spirit and way of living. Because of the significance of this thought for us, we also strive to live up to it in the upcoming year. That is why we have chosen the name: 'Epicurus'. Epicurus is a philosopher and he is the founder of Epicureanism. Epicureanism describes the advocacy of a simple life and its concept that the absence of pain and fear constitutes the greatest pleasure.  

Our logo refers to the so-called 'Garden of Epicurus', which Epicurus used to convey his philosophy to his students. We also believe that a garden is a sign of growth and life. Things we think fit with the origin of our name and our upcoming board year. 



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As Epicurus, we will be focusing on recruiting freshmen, increasing GM participation, maintaining sustainability, and improving our social media. We are very excited to start this upcoming year. Below, we will be introducing ourselves.  


Annabel de Heer 

The new ‘veur’ (chairman) of Intermate is our lovely Annabel. She is 21 years old and currently is in her third year of Psychology & Technology. She originally comes from Gouda; you know, the place where cheese comes from. Besides her regular chair tasks, she will take up student wellbeing and digitalization. We have great confidence in our chair, although she can’t remember everything about her knowledge transfer sessions (because there might have been some alcohol in play ?). 

Greetings from 39.6 

Floor van der Velden 

Floor is our new Secretary! She is 21 years old and from Nuenen, a village near Eindhoven. Currently, she is in her third year of Psychology & Technology and following the living track. Secretary is the perfect role for her since she is quite the ‘Mierenneuker’. You would know if you saw us in our kandi shirts. This year, she will be working on writing a lot of minutes and responding to your emails. However, writing is not all she does! Floor will also work on projects like voluntary and charity work and freshmen fever. She also really enjoys a clean Internaat, so you will be seeing her with the ‘kruimeldief’ a lot! 

Kisses, 39.1 

Rik Schutte 

Rikkie will be our Treasurer! He is 23 years old and he's from Bergen op Zoom. He may call himself a 'Brabander' but only just, as Bergen op Zoom is dangerously close to Zeeland. Rik is very close to finishing his bachelor Psychology & Technology after some study changes and will be starting his double master's in Human-Technology Interaction and Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. Next to guarding the Intermate moneys, Rik will be keeping himself busy with student wellbeing, digitalization, and some trips to the Sligro to provide you all with snackies. If he isn't busy with doing board tasks you can find him either running away, climbing, or helping out at the multitude of student teams he once was a part of! 

Xxx 39.2 

Maud Boijmans 

Maudje will be our amazing Commissioner of Education! She is an enthusiastic Culemborger at 21 years of age and is a third-year Psychology & Technology student following the living track. Speaking of living, she is barely alive in the morning without a cup of coffee which makes her a perfect fit to join all those education meetings. Outside of her busy schedule talking to important people, Maud will be focusing on social media and COVID evaluations. One of her favorite pastimes is laying on the couches of the Internaat so if you see her after a late night at Stratumseind, go and say hi! 

Love, 39.3 

Jonna van Dijk 

Jonna van Dijk, our lovely Commissioner of Internal Affairs. An Internal without a BorrelCie glass, we do not know what went wrong there. Jonna is the bouncing ball of the group and she is a bit clumsy. She will be in charge of different committees like the Lustrum and will be busy with our policy points like social media and sustainability. When you do not find her at the campus, she will be either on the hockey fields, the abc town, or Stratumseind. She has been looking for her spine for a long time, and we think it will remain lost in the upcoming year, so if you want to party text Jonna!  

Xoxo 39.4  

Jarno Soós 

Last but not least is our commissioner of External Affairs, Jarno Soós, but you may also call him Janoo because was born and raised in Twente. Speaking of Twente, he is a really big fan of FC Twente and his mood is greatly influenced by their results, either positively or negatively. Next to ‘geld harken’ Jarno will be responsible for a few committees, sustainability and he will be joining Wervingsdagen. If Jarno is not busy with one of his many tasks you can probably find him playing foosball, so don’t hesitate to ask him for a game or slap the table to challenge him! 

Joejoe, 39.5 


Intermate is the study association of the bachelor Technical Innovation Sciences, the majors Sustainable Innovation and Psychology & Technology and the masters Human Technology Interaction and Innovation Sciences.


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