Reviving an old notebook tradition

By Lotte van Dijck - 21 June 2022

Under the pressure of deadlines and exams I wanted to write something, fun and light to have a bit of a lightweight reading to do if you want to sog today. So, I thought I would write about a fun little tradition my mom and I have together.  

When I was younger, I had trouble communicating my thoughts and feelings to my parents to their great frustration. Whenever I was playing in my room as a six-year-old girl with my Poly Pockets while listening to the same tape recording of one of the stories of Saskia and Jeroen (a Dutch children novel) over and over again, my parents worried that I was just being sad on my own while actuality I was just having the time of my life in my own little world. So, my mom being a classical worrying mom, felt she had to open-up communication with me. In her opinion, she is the opposite of creative but in my opinion, she thought of a very creative way to connect with me. She started writing in a so-called ‘back-and-forth’-notebook. She wrote something about what she had been doing in that notebook and then left it in my room so I could write something about myself or what I was doing whenever I felt like it. We were able to keep this up for I believe 2 years, a bit on and off but then it died out eventually.  

Now being 23 I had almost forgotten about this notebook until about 5 months ago when I came home to my parents in Mierlo and on my bed laid this bright purple notebook with golden swirls. To my surprise the pages where still completely intact after laying in the attic for all those years. Apparently, the discovery of this relic loosened some old feelings for my mom as she had digged into her creative spirit again and decided to start our little tradition up again in an adjusted format. As I was now living in Eindhoven, she found it to be too much effort to have a notebook shipped to and from our houses so she thought postcards would be a better option. We both gifted each other a special box where we can store these postcards. This meant just start writing. Whenever we find fun, weird or pretty postcards we write something to each other. Nothing too serious, just sharing our own worlds with each other whenever we feel like. It already has been so much fun, and I hope we can keep this up for at least the same two years we did when I was six. Maybe give it a try with whomever you feel like, just to have some fun with each other. I also thought it would be fun to add some quotes and pictures from the cards we have sent to each other.