Schurend Paradijs – The Intermania visited a museum

By Intermania - 29 June 2022

When we choose β€˜Art’ as our new theme a few months ago, we immediately knew that we also wanted to visit a museum. We set up a little museum task force (Thanks Ruben and Morris!), they did some research and picked out a few museums that looked interesting. In the end, we landed on Kunsthal KAdE in the beautiful city of Amersfoort. In this article, everyone that was present on the trip chose one of their favorite artworks and wrote something about it. These beautiful/interesting/eccentric evaluations can be read below. 



When I walk through a museum, I look for interesting compositions. Not just within the painting but also in the way the art is displayed. Therefore I have chosen this particular artwork, Dazzled Perpetuation. The artwork was made by Hadassah Emmerich: a woman. Which is always a plus in this (art) world that is still largely dominated by men. This woman creates art inspired by female identity, sensuality, exotism, and self-reflection. This was also one of the only artworks in her 'corner' that did not explicitly have a picture of intimate female body parts. That is, however, not why I chose it. I chose this artwork because it is not just a picture in a frame. The vibrant colors continued all along the wall. This photo does not even slightly show what it looked like in reality. The artwork was located at the top of some stairs and looking down, you just looked into a tunnel of dynamic colors. It just felt like a really nice place to walk around. The dark, colorful area also formed a beautiful contrast with the white walls and daylight that could be seen throughout the rest of the exposition. This was truly the highlight of the museum for me.