From the old days: Hey don't I know you from somewhere?

By Unknown - 14 September 2022

In this throwback Klaagmuur article an older member of Intermate complains about how he does not know anyone anymore at the borrel.


I’ve just gotten my beer at the bar. Preferably a stout or tripel and not a Hertog Jan, of course. While turning around, I’m thinking: ‘who am I going to bore now with my great old stories about how great everything was years ago?’ Searching through the crowd, I am looking for one thing: a person who I actually know. But wait….. I don’t know that person, I don’t know that other person and I prefer not to stand next to that person. WHERE IS EVERYBODY I KNOW?  


Maybe at the fussbal table? While making my way through the Internaat and pushing away other people I don’t know, I get the feeling I also don’t know the people at the fussbal table.  Who are they and how do I get to know them? Maybe…. Yes, an Idea. Finally, I spot someone I know. ‘Hey, do you want to challenge the sjaarzen at the fussbal table?’. A loud ‘Yes!’ sounds through the Internaat and we make our way to the table. Me shouting ‘Challenge!’ is the beginning of getting to know these strangers. The game starts, some easy goals happen, and a final result of 10-0 means that the sjaarzen have to crawl under the table. During a big applause, they come up again and I can finally get to know them. Adriaan and Sander, nice to meet you. Finally, now I know at least someone in the Internaat. But if this is the only way to get to know them, these are going to be some loonggggg drinks. Especially if the sjaarzen keep drinking Hertog Jan, instead of the good special beers from Pintermate. I try to find some older members again, but still nobody is here. Where is everyone? 


For now, I beg the older members to come to more Thursday drinks, challenge the sjaarzen, and get to know them better. You don’t just introduce yourself to them, but you show you are the greater kind of student. The special beer drinking, arrogant, fussball playing, a too big loan having, old member who had stufi and knows how everything works at Intermate (even better than the board): don’t let the Sjaarzen take over the drinks, but let them buy beer for you. That is the least they can do for you, for being so superior!  


Oudere leden, ‘VO.  


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