The evolution of TostCieworhty Music

By Naud Janssen - 27 September 2022

Tuesday, at around 12:15, all Intermate members slowly but surely enter the Internaat. Some find a space on the couch, some find a place to work, but most of them stand in a line towards the left corner of the bar. A bizarre phenomenon for those that do not know what Tuesday mean for our study association, but for those that do, this is just normal. With their ears pricked up, they are waiting for the tunes that indicate that TostCie Tuesday is about to begin. With the instantly recognizable “du du du tudu du du du”, everyone knows that it is time to order one of the delicious special tosti’s! But how did this strange ritual originate? Let’s explore the rich history of maybe the most memorable Intermate playlist out there, the TostCie Tuesday playlist!

For those of you that don’t know, the TostCie isn’t even that old yet! There are still several members that will remember that Helios installed them as a ‘meme-committee’. With this, the TostCie was founded in the year 2015! The TostCie did not mind that they were installed to irritate Adesse, as long as they could have good fun. From the beginning onwards, they immediately found their anthem in Tosti by Huub Hangop. As quoted; “From the beginning onwards, Tosti was a fundamental part of our marketing strategy”. Tosti has over 19000 streams on spotify, and many of those will be from our Tost Tuesdays. In 2017, the TostCie wanted to experiment with their music, having one song on repeat caused some irritation. So they decided to add one song to the playlist, and of course this song made sure no one was irritated in the Internaat anymore, right? No. Some TostCie members decided Magic Mamaliga by OMFO, was the perfect tune to accompany your delicious lunch time. Not because they liked the song so much, it was chosen because others disliked the song so much. Magic Mamaliga is however a much shorter tune than Tosti, therefore the ratio between Magic Mamaliga and Tosti equals 4:1. For a long time, these two songs were sacred, and no other song could be played during the TostCie Tuesday. But recent times has seen an introduction of a whole new album. Accompanying the Magic Mamaliga sound, the whole OMFO album titled Trans Balkan Express can now be heard in the Internaat! Certainly, this is the right choice.

Music is progressing, and so it the TostCie. What will the future hold for the TostCie soundtrack? Is there something that is more worthy than Huub or OMFO? Perhaps there can be made an addition with Ron van Zalmsaus, or Natte Visstick (although I doubt that, with Epicurus having a strict vegetarian appetite, and Zalm and Vissticks not being vegetarian). However, if you feel brave enough, you can always send one of the TostCie members an absolute banger. Perhaps we will include it (most likely not though).

Curious about these TostCie Songs?

Tosti (by Huub Hangop):

Magic Mamaliga (by OMFO) :


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