The songs you must know as a new Intermate member!

By Jarno Soós - 10 October 2022

So, you are new to Intermate? Welcome! Intermate is currently almost 39 years old, so I expect we are a little bit older than you are. This means, we already have a lot of traditions; you might know the TostCie Tuesdays or the Fussball table. However, we are also very musical. So, to prepare you on an amazing student time at Intermate, this article will introduce you to all the must-know songs of Intermate! 

To get off to a good start, we start with probably the most important: ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel. You might already have noticed that we always end our drinks with this song, but where does this come from? Well, in the early days, there was a place called the Bunker, where a lot of big parties were hosted. On Tuesday evenings, Intermate used to gather at this place and these nights always ended with Billy Joel’s Piano Man. When the association was struggling to make clear the drink was over, this practice was applied and since then it still endures.  

The second song is somewhat of a different music genre as Piano Man, it is the ‘Maren-Kessel Tunnelrave’ by MC Ludo and Qriminal. This song has made a name for itself, because of the notorious board Dionysos. During the first introweek when Intermate was located in Atlas, they played this song. The consequence of this? They managed to blow up the brand-new stereo installation. And now you are probably wondering: “Wow, that should have been one hell of a party”. However, more people than the board itself were not present. The effects of this story can still be noticed; whenever there is a number with a loud bass, the limiter kicks in. 

Two songs that can be heard more frequently, in the past year(s) are ‘If I tell you’ by René le Blanc and the ‘ABBA Medley 2017’ by the Toppers and Jan Smit. The responsible people for this are Sander Schepers, Zaad (Adriaan Karsmakers) and Joost Sanderink. They have the power to continuously promote these songs, by playing them everywhere and every time. So, if you hear this song anywhere or anytime, big chance one of them is close. And be aware! Before you know it, you are added to a group chat for a René le Blanc or an ABBA tribute band. 

Continuing with two songs that require a little more practicing. ‘Het Regent Zonnestralen’ by Acda en de Munnik and ‘Oceaan’ by Racoon might be songs that are relatively known (for the dutchies among us). At Intermate, the lyrics are slightly different from the original lyrics. If you want to learn these different lyrics; request them at the Thursday drink!  

The final song I want to mention is special for your year. Because this year’s chairman is called Annabel, a name which was sung to by Hans de Booij in his song with the very original name ‘Annabel’. However, I do have to say: I can tell from experience; it is a very hard song to learn and sing.  

I hope this article will help you during your Intermate career, I at least had a lot of fun writing it and thank you a lot for reading. So, to thank you, you can score Freshmen Fever points if you fill in your name in the Google Forms (, and win a free pair of Intermate socks! 


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