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By Jaron - 25 October 2022

Winter is coming, which means that the time of Sinterklaas, Christmas and the ski/snowboard trip will arrive soon! To get you more familiar with the latter we, the Wintermate committee, have made a top 5 apres-ski songs for you to prepare yourself for what is coming. 

Apres-ski is the most fun activity, besides skiing or snowboarding itself, to enjoy during your winter holiday. The French word apres-ski literally stands for after skiing. Although it mostly gets linked to German songs and Austrian parties, the apres-ski was first mentioned in the French Winter Olympics of 1924, where the evening entertainment was announced as après ski. This term got used more in the 50's when skiing got more commercial in France. Nowadays, we know après-ski as having fun with your friends/family after a day of skiing. 

Some traditions have evolved around the après-ski. One of these great traditions is the après-ski music. You may have heard some during carnaval or in the Internaat, but we will hear a lot more during our trip to Austria upcoming February. To prepare yourself for this world of crazy Dutch, German and English music, we have some songs you should listen to in the upcoming months. 

Jetzt geht’s los! 

1: Atemlos durch die Nacht – Helene Fisher 

For some the number 1 après-ski hit. For others it is a nightmare. This song was released in 2013 and was the number 1 song in Germany and Austria in 2014, beating i.a. Happy by Pharrell Williams. The song was written and in the first place sung by Kristina Bach. She eventually gave the song to Helene, after she noticed that her own recording in her kitchen was not that great. The song has been covered a few times, but the original is still irreplaceable and remains to be a keystone in the après-ski music.  

Listen the song here:

2: Anton aus Tirol – Anton feat. DJ Otzi 

The oldest number in this list, released in 1999, which is older than the new Intermate members. The song was written even earlier, back in 1972. The single was the most-sold single in Germany and Austria in 2000. The song begins with one of the most recognizable beginnings, as it begins with the whole club screaming 'Anton, Anton, Anton!'. A nice party starter for every après-ski. 

Listen the song here:

3: Let it be - Feestteam 

This song originated of course from the legendary Beatles. Two Dutch guys decided that the song needed more tempo and gave the song more beat. Even Hey Jude was added to the mix. The birth of a great après ski song! Some Intermaatjes must chug a beer when this song comes up, so let’s hope that happens a lot. 

Listen the song here:

4: Mama Laudaaa – Almklausi & Specktakel 

After this song, everyone knows what the mother’s name of former Formula One driver Niki Lauda is. Niki was an Austrian phenomenon and therefore the perfect subject for an après-ski wonderhit. Even Niki himself liked the song very much. 

Listen the song here:

5: Johnny Däpp – Lorenz Büffel 

This list would not be complete with this recent banger. Johnny Däpp obviously refers to the famous actor, in combination with the trend of 2016: dabbing. Although this was a couple of years ago, you will still see a few people dabbing like maniacs when this song comes up. Some Wintermate committee members are not afraid to do a little dab. 

Listen the song here:

When you have listened to all these songs, you are for sure ready to conquer the winter and the après-ski. If this also convinced you to join our Wintermate trip upcoming February, you can register yourself via the website or app until the 30th of October. One thing is for sure, joining this trip will guarantee you a lot of après-ski songs, fun with friends and an unforgettable holiday! 




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