The quest for a new jingle

By Timo Beerman - 31 October 2022

Ever since the launch of Intertalks, babbling with the board and the craft beer segment has been a constant in the ever-changing life of an Intermaatje. However, the podcast wouldn't be the podcast without the very iconic jingle. This nostalgic 8-bit music was created by the musical genius Jobert Zoetbrood and the great electric guitar melody has been ingrained into our minds. It is already making my ears water just by thinking of it. 

However, as with all things in life, some ouwe lullen had some comments about it. A couple of chats in the Internaat gave us some criticism, yet also some help. One ouwe lul told us, that the old jingle made us seem like we were presenting an American News Show. Knowing how deeply unprofessional Intertalks is, I knew that this jingle wasn’t right for us. 

Now, I knew what we didn’t want, yet I wasn’t a single step further in knowing what I did want. Therefore, I turned to my fellow Intermania members and asked the very important question: if the members of Intertalks were a music instrument, what would they be? 

Since the amazing committee of Intermania is very close, I got almost the same answers from everyone. Wouter, the ever happy and one that keeps on smiling, is a trumpet. Rens, the stern and time-keeping co-host, would be a bass-guitar, and I, the person behind the keyboard, was a synthesizer. With that in mind, I started tinkering. 

The main idea was to keep some elements of the original jingle, yet try to get rid of the showbizzy theme. For me, this rolled right into one of my favorite music genres; jazz. Along with the aforementioned musical instrument, I knew the beast I had to tackle. 

After long nights of humming music themes in the darkness of my lonely room, I emerged with the idea. An upbeat, brass beginning, underpinned with a sassy bass line and connected all together with a funky piano line. It immediately clicked, gave the right vibe and fit in perfectly within my idealistic view for the podcast. Once I shared it with my fellow members, it fit even more. The excitement was through the roof, gaining compliments on top of compliments. The only thing now is to share the jingle with my most treasured audience! 


You will find it in the podcast itself! This month’s podcast is all about a spooky food showdown between the TostCie and the KookCie! Tune in and find out if actual food was thrown, and don’t forget to play the Sound of Saaiens with us!! 


Keep on smiling! 



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