The most hated songs of Intermate

By Wouter Tulp - 14 November 2022

This article is created by going around on an Intermate drink and interviewing people on the most hated artists. After a vigorous and detailed interview, I would move on to the next person. This resulted in a list of hated artists, and it became visible that artists are hated for similar reasons. Therefore, I have created some categories in which the hated artists are divided. 

First, a general note. It was stated in the interviews that people hate overplayed songs. So, fuck off with your “Boederijdieren” or your “Piano Man” shit. Playing a song more will not make it a better song, it will just make it boring. 


Singing all whiny or screaming way too much 

  • Magic (especially the song “Rude”) 
  • Davina Michelle 
  • Ariana Grande 
  • Miley Cyrus 
  • Adele 

Come on guys, please just don’t put so much annoying energy into your music. It is okay to be fully emersed in your music and definitely put emotion in it. However, the point of emotions is that they change from time to time. These artists just always have the annoying habit of either screaming constantly or singing like they are about to die. This does not give a nice vibe and we do not like that here within Intermate. 


Abuse and misbehavior: 

  • Band lead “voice of holland” 
  • Ali B 
  • Marco Borsato  
  • Lil’ Kleine 
  • Marilyn Manson 
  • Bilal Wahib 

This Category speaks for itself, of course. Everyone has seen these people on the news and all the things they’ve done. Mostly, it is abusing the power they hold as a famous artist. But most importantly, they are all massive dicks. So yeah, please don’t. Thanks. 


Acting all tough and thinking too much of themselves 

  • Kanye West 
  • Famke Louise 
  • Ed Sheeran  

Okay, we know that you are famous but don’t think so much of yourself. Very cool of you to be famous but you are an example of people in society. I would advise these artists to start giving a good example. As appose to Famke Louise, I do not have respect for it! 


Constantly the same music: 

  • The Beatles 
  • Nielson 
  • Kensington 

Honestly, these artists are capable of producing good music. The problem is that they found one method of getting a hit song and just stuck with that method. Change can be scary but PLEASE CHANGE. We, as intermate members, get sick of constantly hearing the same song but with a different name. I would like to recognize a song from the start instead of having to listen to half the song to distinguish it. 



  • Taylor Swift 
  • Kanye West (mostly because he dated a Kardashian) 

We know that flying in a plane can be fun but, damn, is it bad for the environment. Flying a distance which can be done by car in the same amount of time is unacceptable. Everyone is saying that we should be more sustainable, but these artists are the real problem. 


Music type: 

  • Rolf Sanchez 
  • Renee le Blanc 
  • Florida Georgia Line  

These artists just try to combine music types or produce an unacceptable music type. You cannot sing in two languages all the time, stop schlagers, and mainstream country does NOT exist. 


So there you have it, folks. A detailed breakdown of the most hated artists within Intermate. If one of your favorite artists is on the list, then I feel bad for your music taste. You cannot always roll sixes, but you always throw a one when it comes to music. In case of any remarks or problems with the article, approach the chairman of Intermania. Morris Boers is end responsible for all articles posted by Intermania. 



Disclaimer: The sample size for the interviews is low so opinions are not generalizable to the entire population of Intermate 

Disclaimer2: These hated artists do not reflect the opinion of the author but are the opinions of the general people. 



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