A lack of time

By Rik Schutte - 30 November 2022

Not having enough time for certain activities is a common problem for many students. Courses, committee work, exercise, and various social activities (Stratum) always get in the way. How many times have thought to yourself: "Wow, I quite enjoy this activity. I should do it more often", only to ignore it for months on end? For me, this is a regular occurrence. 

In particular, I experience this issue with making music (and writing columns, oops). I love playing guitar, singing, and producing (sub-par) music using Ableton but I simply do not make enough time for it. Whenever I do have time to pick up my guitar, I always enjoy myself and wonder how good I could be if I would play regularly again. Similarly, I still cannot sing and play guitar simultaneously which is something I really want to be able to do. 

Or hanging out with friends and producing interesting beats which we would pair with the dumbest lyrics we could think of is one of my favorite things to do but do not do often enough. Messing around with various genres like EDM or hip-hop and mixing different elements always produces interesting songs. I have fond memories of these moments, but despite that, I still do take the time to plan these sessions.  

So, this is a call, an encouragement, to everyone that experiences a similar problem: Plan in moments to practice your favorite music and enjoy the process. It's definitely worth it. I know I'm going to try to do it more often. 


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