Embrace the mental emptiness

By Julia Verbruggen - 13 December 2022

This time my column will be extremely short. I have been trying to come up with something to write for this column and for the first time it has been a struggle.  

Despite the efforts of people around me to inspire me with ideas or give me suggestions for this column I couldn’t connect to a subject in a way I would be able to write about it. Therefore, this time I let you be a part of the emptiness of my brain so you can join my journey of nothingness. If I’m being honest I’m not even that disappointed or sad about it, I kind of like that my brain is taking a rest. I believe if I leave it alone for now and enjoy the silence and easy that comes with the mental emptiness, new inspiration will come again in the future. So, enjoy this short column of the momentary emptiness of my writing brain and I hope you are going to have a wonderful holiday season and hope to get new writing inspiration in the new year.  


Love, Julia 


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