Setting up the right ‘klus’ environment

By - 21 December 2022

Besides sublime tools and delicious “Klok”, the vibe for a big project is of utmost importance. With music being one of the, if not the most, influential variables regarding creating a good vibe, it is needless to say that the choice of beats and rhythm during your DIY project is essential for the efficiency and quality of your project. This article will help you decide which music and set-up to choose for when you are in dire need to do some hardcore “klussen”. 

The Speaker 

To start off, the quality of the music sets the tone for the whole duration of the project. But before diving into the ideal quality, it is important to note that having a wireless speaker is a must. If you don’t have the freedom to bring the music wherever you go, you could better just “klus” in silence. That being said, the ideal speaker to use during your project is not a speaker at all, but an old-school radio! Everyone has experienced the cozy feeling of walking past a construction site and hearing the lovely static and scratching sound of the pop top-40 playing. Nothing beats such a good throwback to the good old days, as utilizing crappy vintage technology. So, throw away your brand new JBL speaker and go to your local thrift shop and buy that radio! 

The Playlist 

Aside from using the fantastic CieKlusKlus playlist (see Spotify: “CieKlusKlus Borrel“) or your ordinary everyday listens, there is a specific genre that fits with the “klus” vibe. Despite the earlier mentioned, and widely heard on construction sites all over the world, top-40, it does not fit the idealistic picture of a ‘klus’. A project should always have a jolly vibe, which pairs perfectly with Dutch carnival music. Thus, dust off your old 11/11 and carnival playlist and get blasting. Ideally, you ensure that your “klus” and carnival suit is the same, which would save you money and have you being comfy at all times. 

The Dancemoves 

We will keep it simple and short: pull out the “Hammer time” dance. Ideally every 25 minutes for the ideal blood circulation. 

If it is still not clear how you should create the ideal vibe for your DIY project, you should maybe reconsider whether doing the project is even worth it. Not worth it, and still want to get it done? You can always contact the CieKlusKlus and hire them for personal jobs! 

Disclaimer: due to English being an idiotic language, and not being able to fully capture the meaning of “klussen”. I have taken the creative liberty to utilize the Dutch word throughout this article. 


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